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Are you looking for a Touch Rugby Team in Cologne? Come and join us!


We are a mixed group playing Touch Rugby in Cologne, including regular training sessions, social touch, national and international tournaments and fun games.



There are many tournaments each season. Above all, there is the German Championship, which is contested by all Touch teams in Germany.  We also have close contact with, for example, the teams in the Benelux countries. And as international highlights there are the “European Touch Championships” every two years and the “Touch World Cup” every four years.  Players from Germany have participated in these tournaments now for many years.

Of course, there are many other tournaments both in Germany and abroad, where the focus is purely on fun.  For example, the legendary “Pudelmützen (pompom hat) Cup” here in Cologne, that traditionally takes place in January.


Training times

Mondays 7pm on the TuS grounds.

Wednesday 6:30pm on the TuS grounds.


On Sundays, we meet at 12 for Social Touch close to the university canteen on the Uniwiesen.

Want to know more?

Then simply come along and join us! If you have any question, ask Pia:


Finally... visit us on facebook!


About Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby is a fast ball game that began in the 50s and 60s as passing and running training for rugby. Touch is low contact and focuses on running, tactics and ball skills.  Unlike rugby, there is no hard contact or tackling. One point is given for a touchdown, when the ball is placed on the ground in the scoring zone. Touch Rugby is played in mixed, as well as men’s and women’s teams. It has been played in Germany for more than 10 years.



Unsere gesamte Platzanlage ist aufgrund der besonderen Verordnungen der Stadt Köln derzeit gesperrt.

Übungsleiter -Innen gesucht:


Samstags 10:00 - 12:00

Vorbereitung & Abnahme 

Weitere Informationen



Christi Himmelfahrt-Sportfest

27.06.2020 Seniorensportfest &              Kurzsprinttagt Mä/Fr/Jgd

31.12.2020                   Kölner Silvesterlauf

Meldungen sind ab Mitte Oktober 2020 möglich. Alle Infos dann auch unter

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